Mayflys Interview + Competition

The Milky Tea Kid team went along to the EP and album launch of the fabulous Mayflys. We started off by meeting the band at the venue, then wandering around for a suitable place to get some food and drink before the gig. We drank, we ate, we gossiped, it was a good time!

We went back to the venue to do the interview in a quirky backstage room full of music equipment and the delightful sound of toilets flushing every 5 minutes!

The Mayflys album, ‘Late Nights & Water Fights‘ is now available on iTunes Go get it!
Mayflys Website

Photo: Luke Das
Photo: Luke Das
Photo: Luke Das
Photo: Luke Das

Zach Fox interviewing the Mayflys for Milky Tea Kid!

Photo: Luke Das


We have a signed copy of the Mayflys EP to give away that the band kindly sorted out for us. We have one question for you and the best answer wins the prize! So simple… yet so brilliant!


Who would you have a Late Night Water Fight with and why?

Title your email as ‘Mayflys‘ and send your mind blowing answer to competition [@] milkyteakid [dot] com

The winning answer will be posted in all it’s glory on!

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