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I came across The Cutaway years ago, but I didn’t quite realise it. It’s one of those 6 degrees of separation things. I had heard the name, and I finally got a chance to hear the music, and I like what I hear!

They have played a crazy amount of gigs, one of which was supporting Kate Voegele of One Tree Hill fame. The EP was recorded live at a house in a number of different rooms and they are releasing it on their own record label. DIY at its finest!

Digging a little deeper, you find that this band is really quite interesting, and it’s reflected in their music. They use all sorts of instruments from melodicas, trombones and stylophones to a vintage £25 organ bought at a car boot sale!

The EP Golden Opportunities is available for purchase on 29th March 2010 and to get a taster here is a FREE DOWNLOAD yes.. FREE, we all like that word don’t we!

(Right Click and Save As) Never Been Alone

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