Thankyou so very much to all the people that came along to the launch party for Milky Tea Kid last night! You guys were what made it a great atmosphere and a fun time.

The bands were incredible, and a huge thanks to The Boileroom for providing a great venue and sound for the event. The free tea and homemade cakes I provided went down a treat, and I am glad you all guzzled them down!

There will be a gazillion photos appearing all over the place and I will put them up as soon as I get them. Also video was taken throughout the night, so that will be put up soon too!

THANKS AGAIN! I really appreciate the support, thanks to Zach, Chris, Amy, Em, Milly, Calum, Owen, Sarah, Mum yadda yadda yadda…my pet dog Mojo etc!

Clare (Milky Tea Kid) x

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