Spit Hot Fire (Free Download of Album)

Spit Hot Fire’s new releases are available for free download on their website www.spithotfire.com. Now if it is free there is no reason why you should not head over there to check it out… and if you don’t, then you are just plain lazy and Milky Tea Kid is disappointed in you! Now go, now… (but come back after)

I recommend checking out Every Weekend Night which I thought started out with a Temper Trap vibe, but then the reggae feel kicks in and I was just chillin’ to it man.
Also listen to the rock tune, Round 2.

Spit Hot Fire are a band from New York City. Their blend of alternative rock, reggae, pop and hip-hop makes for a modern brand of music that is both radio-friendly and streetwise. Their third release, the free downloadable mixtape Danny’s Liquor Store EP portrays strong and hooky melodies, sophisticated musicianship, swaggeriffic lyrics, and world class production. Their organic live show and sound is supplemented by remixes from some of the hottest producers LA and NYC have to offer.”

The band have toured with big names like Reel Big Fish, Against Me!, and Passafire. You have also most likely heard their music on MTV shows such as The City etc.


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